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Release Resistance to Money

Many people have a resistance to money and don’t even know it. While they claim that they their lives would be better if only they had more money, it’s these same people who lose money as soon as they receive it.

The problem is, their minds speak money, but their hearts have a resistance to attracting wealth and success. This resistance was most likely imprinted upon them at a young age by hearing statements such as:

-Money is the root to all evil
-Rich people are crooked
-The wealthy are selfish
-Money will turn your friends and family against you
-Money is hard to come by
-Money doesn’t grow on trees

Have you ever heard of people who have won the lottery or somehow came into a large sum of money then became flat broke within a short amount of time? This is because their mindset and energy around money doesn’t match up with what the mind thinks it wants. You see, your money mindset is very much a reflection of your inner world, which determines your outer world. To change your money mindset, you have to work on transforming your inner world and belief systems.

Money is energy and is attracted to equal energy. If your inner thoughts do not match your outer voice then you are repelling the very thing that you claim you want.

For instance, if you say “I would LOVE to live in that mansion down the street” then say, “but that’ll never happen” you have just cancelled out your connection to the energy. Perhaps you feel that you’re not worthy of such a lifestyle or maybe you worry about safety for living in such an extravagant home. Whatever the desire, you must keep that vision positive and believe that it is already yours.

Grab your headphones, close your eyes and FEEL these affirmations. You are the one who creates change in your life and you can do it one positive statement at a time.


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